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Tuija Heikkilä
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Sanna Laakso
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History of Tuija Heikkilä

I was born in Finland in the city of Turku.
When I was only about 4 years old, my parents bought us our
first collie NIINA. Already then I "decided" that when I would
grow up I would become a breeder.

In 1980 I got a collie of my own TIIANIINA, whom I diligently
trained in obedience. TiiaNiina also produced the first
A-litter for Snowpaw.

In 1983 I purchased a collie who then became the foundation bitch
to my kennel, FIN CH GOLDEN ROSE DAREIJA. That breeding created
the basis for all Snowpaw collies. In actually, my firs half
American litter was born in 1987. From this specific litter I got
the famous brood bitch FIN CH SNOWPAW DOROTHY. Father was
breeder Maret Halinen USA.

I was very interested in having the kennel prefix Snowpaw, which
I felt would strongly reflect Finland, especially its white winters

With my dogs I go to dog shows. Drawing and music is also
hobby of mine. I have also tattoo studio.
I have served as a training guide, ring secretary in dog shows and
held various positions of trust in the Finnish Collie Association.
I have also bred few litters of Groenendaels. Our Smooth collie

FIN CH, EUW-91 Dalimattas Future Flipper and
groenendael VALKOHAMPAAN HAIYA were one of the more
famous in Finland. We have had also runner
greyhound FIRELINE CHIBA QUEEN. Nowdays I have only Shelties.

Kennel Snowpaw since 2006

In the year 2005 Mrs. Sanna Laakso recieved my invitation to
become my partner in the Snowpaw kennel. I hope she enjoys
the breeding work the way I do.

As a breeder we have proceeded by having 1-3 litters per year.
Our trademark is the use of AMERICAN bloodlines in our
breeding program.

The most important thing in our breeding is the character
and after that comes all the other things...

We want to thank all out friends, breeders, judges, and cooperators.

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